Activated Charcoal is Magical, Yet Terrifying

Today I have discovered first hand the amazing power of activated charcoal.

I heard about the wonders of AC, but I was always too skeptical, lazy, uninterested, under-informed, and stubborn to actually try to look into it. But today, today I did.
It started on Facebook. (Doesn’t everything?) I was cruising a natural parenting page when I saw a recipe paired with a testimony for a face mask which had the main ingredient of AC. The testimony was awesome! Then I did some reading.

Activated charcoal- aka carbon- was used by Hippocrates and Pliny when they were alive. That’s all you need to know to convince you to try it, I think.

No, I’m kidding. There is more.

“Activated Charcoal, derives it’s name from the process of taking the charcoal which results from the activity of controlled charring of the starting material (usually Willow Bark, aka Salix alba), and subjecting it to an oxidizing gas, i.e. air or steam, at elevated temperatures (which enhances the absorptive power of the charcoal by developing an extensive internal network of fine pores in the material).
Carbon is 100% alkaline and is spinning with electrons making the substance highly electrical. Carbon’s negative ionic charge attracts positive ionic charges (of toxins and poisons) causing them to bind and then escorts them out of the body via the eliminative channel of the intestines.”

Wait…what? In simpler terms- it’s charcoal that has been mixed with a bunch of good natural stuff because of science and nature stuff. Aka magic.

Carbon/AC has many uses- on the bottle it says it helps with flatulence (FARTING! hah!) and it benefits the intestines. AC pulls toxins (it is commonly used in the emergency room for overdoses and alcohol/food poisoning), and it neutralizes odors.
And the best part of all- it whitens teeth!
It whitens your teeth. Better than ANY crest crapstrips…uh…I mean white strips. I’m talking IMMEDIATE results.

Let me show you-

Here is a picture of my disgusting face and my teeth before using activated charcoal

Before Activated Charcoal whitening treatmentIgnore my ridiculously red nose and cheeks, and other awful imperfections, please, and just concentrate on my teeth. I did just brush them here (for most accurate results, of course).

Then what I did will shock you…and maybe give you nightmares. It’s like something out of a zombie horror movie…but real life. Terrifying, man.

I took the activated charcoal capsule (powder in a dissolvable plastic capsule) and I broke it in my mouth. And then I rubbed it onto my teeth with my finger.
I swooshed it around my mouth to make sure to get my tongue and my cheeks and ALL of it, man. All of it.
Then I leaned over the sink and pushed all that chalky black goodness to the front of my teeth, so it was sitting on the outside (because I don’t really care if the backs of my teeth are white…not like I’m really caring about how my tonsils are enjoying the view…)
duringACLike I said…zombie horror movie. It’s a great thing to have for Halloween…really…the black goopy liquid flowing down my chin is terrifyingly awesome. I may make children cry. It’s going to be epic…I’ll take pictures then, too.

Anyway, I’ll continue. I leaned over the sink after taking that fantastically gorgeous picture and let the black magic do it’s job. After about 4 or 5 minutes I spit it out.
Then I rinsed rinsed rinsed rinsed until I wasn’t spitting black any longer.
afterACAnd then I took this picture and it was hurting my eyes. I’m guessing by Sunday I’ll need to wear sunglasses when I look in the mirror. Donald Trump ain’t got crap on me, man!

Let’s take a closer look here-

ACcomparisonTop is before, bottom is after. 5 minutes! FIVE MINUTES! How many chemical-laden, horrible tasting, can’t pronounce the ingredient white strips would you need to wear before getting those results? And how much money would you need to spend? Way more time and money than I spent, that’s for sure!

Now how does it taste?! It seriously tastes like nothing. It has no taste and it has no odor. It’s just chalky. That’s it. I actually enjoyed the way it felt in my mouth, even if that seems a little weird. I don’t even care. I’m going to use AC on my tooth brush probably once a day, maybe even twice, just because my mouth feels SO DARN CLEAN!!
I seriously have never felt my teeth so smooth before. They were like perfect porcelain. Fantastic. Trust me.

I also proceeded to make the face mask I mentioned earlier in the post.
ACmaskMake sure to notice how white my teeth look. Yeah, it’s hard not to notice with all that scary black paint substance dripping from my face…

Anywhoooo….my face feels clean and soft and wonderful. And the concoction even smells good!

Here’s the recipe:

2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil
2 Teaspoons Baking Soda
2 Activated Charcoal capsules (the powder broken into the mixture…not the whole capsule…don’t be dumb.)

I washed my face with a steaming hot towel and then applied the mixture. I let it sit for about 5 minutes and then I washed it off with a steaming hot towel. It was a little bit messy because coconut oil is, well, oil…and if you’ve ever seen or touched or cooked with or eaten oil before, you know it loves to stick around! Well, I got it all off. And my face is fantastic. Definitely doing this mask again tomorrow! I could FEEL the impurities leaving my skin! Bye bye toxins!

Now how do you get ahold of this mystical black magical substance?

I picked up my bottle with 100 capsules for less than ten bucks at GNC. I’ve heard that it can also be found at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and other health food (Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, Sprouts, etc.) and vitamin stores.
You can also buy it on Amazon (shocker!)
But don’t feel bound to just the capsules. The loose powder is great as well, and possibly less messy! If you want to go that route, you just pour a little in a dish in your bathroom and dip your toothbrush in it whenever you want to use it.
Here’s a 1 Pound Bag
And here are some capsules

Also, AC is great to have in the house anyway- just sitting in the medicine cabinet. You never know when you or the kids will have a stomach ache, or when the dog somehow manages to find and eat the half pound bar of Hershey’s chocolate Aunt Marge brought over for Easter…AC is really a life saver. Keep some in the cabinet, especially since it’s so cheap!

I’ll keep updated on the progress of my blindingly white teeth.

Now go get some AC, and good luck with your awesome tooth whitening, child scaring, zombie mimicking experience!

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